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I'm a Conservative that Went Full Libertarian - Here's How

Written by 1stAmender on Jun 24, 2019

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  1. I loved the Republican party and joined my local republican party. I voted for McCain and then again for Mitt Romney. Believed in liberty. Anti-tax.
  2. Started to understand that ultimately, the best thing a government can do is promote individual liberties to be above that of government.
  3. We possess inalienable rights: "Right to life, Liberty, and Property". The concept "Pursuit of happiness" was added instead of property to satiate the "slavery" issue. But the radical Libertarians of the time were fundamentally against slavery in the 1600s onwards. (IE Quakers, founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, Sons of Liberty, etc) though as people understand that I cannot steal someone's property on my own merit, being a man has ownership of body, therefore must have ownership of property in order to not only have inalienable right to life, but liberty as well.
  4. I am anti war. I used to think that war was a necessary evil to keep economies flowing, but that ultimately a war is nothing short of government hiring a man to dig a hole 5 ft in diameter and depth, only to ask them to bury it again. This is an overly simplified notion of what it means to build a bomb. That it creates no wealth, ultimately, just a useless hole in the ground and dead bodies in its wake.
  5. Understanding the honor of your brethren. That in reality, to achieve a truly conducive society; a society where prosperity and wealth are abound, it is an absolute requirement to "not" destroy your brother. That when you destroy your neighbor or brother, you are in fact trying to build your life with the bones of those you step on, ultimately creating an unjust and society depraved of morality for the sake of utilitarianism. No different from that of a Socialist or a Nazi who lay validity to the phrase "kill the few to save the many" mentality.
  6. While the Christian religion and others are a beautiful thing; at no point can we use the power of government to push and incentive that lifestyle. Because the true good, what makes society, man, government great, is through voluntary means. Not by physical coercion with the power of the state to push "God's word." For what is the word of God only to be blasphemed by the word of man, or to blaspheme it by physically revoking property of your neighbor to build up a pillar of morality?
  7. Being that I hold inalienable rights of life to be higher than that of government, it is not up to government to push morality. It is up to individuals to create their own morality, lest they destroy the inalienable rights of another individual is where their sense of morality stops. Morality — is not to be judged by Government because they can make immoral seem moral by sense of "law." Instances of apartheid, Maoist, Stalinist purges were legal, and justified for the "group-think", the "collectivist" think.
  8. Over time, holding liberty as true and just, I have switched my party affiliation from Republican to Libertarian. I don't care if I am the minority. I don't care if I lose each and every vote. I don't care if I am a wasted vote. I vote on principle, not the vox-populi.

To hold my understanding of morality, of government, I have one choice. Libertarianism. I appreciate conservatives as we hold our values very closely. The only difference? We don't allow government to have the power to destroy the lives of individual for whatever cause. Sorry, this was a long post.

TL;DR: I believe in life, liberty, and property as the ultimate morality. Government cannot give you these rights because government takes them away all the time. I turned against conservatism because morality is ultimately decided by individuals, not government.